Welcome to the Education Section

HLA epitope-based matching is a work in-progress that requires continuous research efforts to increase our understanding of the structural basis how epitopes react with specific antibodies and how they induce antibody responses. Although many HLA epitopes have been verified experimentally with informative antibodies more studies are needed to determine more complete repertoires.

This section has the following educational tools:

  1. Directions for the cn3d structural modeling program for epitopes on hla molecules
  2. Five maps of "HLA epitopia"
    Manual for five maps of "HLA Epitopia"
  3. Lectures at the Epitope Workshop (Hong Kong Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, August 28-29, 2015)
    1. Basic concepts of HLA epitope structure
    2. Antibody reactivity with class I epitopes
    3. Antibody reactivity with class II epitopes
    4. Antibodies against MICA epitopes
    5. International Registry of HLA epitopes
    6. Epitope specificities of HLA antibodies in different assays
    7. HLA epitope matching for platelet transfusions
    8. Epitopes and acceptable mismatching
    9. HLA matching from antigens to epitopes in the clinical setting
    10. HLA epitope immunogenicity concepts