July 2020 Update

HLAMatchmaker is a structurally based algorithm that considers HLA alleles as strings of distinct molecular configurations that can be recognized by HLA antibodies important in transplantation. It is the ONLY algorithm based on experimentally antibody-verified epitopes defined by polymorphic amino acids in configurations referred to as eplets. The International HLA Epitope Registry website www.epregistry.com.br established in 2013, shows for the HLA-ABC, HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, HLA-DP and MICA loci, continually updated repertoires of antibody-verified eplets and structural descriptions of other eplets which have not (yet) been antibody-verified experimentally.

An introduction to HLAMatchmaker ca be accessed by click on “What” shown above.

This website has several downloadable Excel-formatted HLAMatchmaker programs for HLA antibody analysis and eplet-based matching. Access to the “Downloads” section requires an authentication via Google (not necessarily a gmail address). Please note that these programs can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE and can be used in any study. Several commercial companies have applied HLAMatchmaker to analyze antibody reactivities with single allele kits.

As of July 2020, there are Version 3.1 updates of the HLAMatchmaker antibody analysis programs for HLA-ABC and HLA-DRDQDP. They include recent updates about antibody-verified eplets and they incorporate additional analysis features. The “Downloads” section includes tutorials and demos how to use the Version 3.1 programs.

HLAMatchmaker is a useful tool to determine eplet-based mismatch acceptability for sensitized patients considered for transplantation or in need of compatible platelet transfusions. It is also being used to assess the degree of HLA mismatch permissibility (eplet load) to reduce allosensitization and improve transplant outcome in non-sensitized patients.

The “Publications” section has more than 60 HLAMatchmaker-related publications by Duquesnoy and more than 130 HLA publications by other investigators regarding the clinical significance of eplets in transplantation and platelet transfusion including reports about antibody verifications, HLA epitope structure and opinions.

The “Education” section has tutorials and downloadable PowerPoint presentations about eplets and HLAMatchmaker.

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